Rose Garden ’15 / oil

I faked in the flowers! hahahahhahahahahaha

I faked in the flowers! hahahahhahahahahaha

When I started this painting a few weeks ago, the roses were in their 1st bloom. The scent was intoxicating! I think the 1st bloom is the best because all the colors of roses bloom at the same time.

I have to work on the background 1st. Working from top to bottom on the canvas and from background to foreground, I want to be sure all the elements of the painting look right compared to each other part. so I’m building up layers of paint in glazes, correcting as I go. I can only stand to be out in the heat for a few hours in the morning, and when it rains, I have to wait for better weather.

Then the rain took out over half of the flowers before I could paint them, since the flowers are on top and needed to be painted last. DANG! Then some friendly gardeners pruned off the rest of the roses, leaving not many. One man told me they bloom every 4 to 6 weeks, so I decided to wait for more flowers and started working on another painting. But the next painting is also waiting for some different flowers to bloom, and I decided to mix my colors for the roses using the few flowers open this week. That’s how I faked in the roses.


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