Dream With Wild Abandon!


Outgrow Your Shoes – Digital Collage

If you allowed yourself…just once…to dream with wild abandon…where would your dreams take you? Would you be on a wistful journey, meandering through experiences at your own cadence? Or would you rather give up all control and fly unrestrained towards a destination that only Fate can dictate?

The latest Lunagirl Moonbeam Design Team Challenge centered on “Shoes”.  The challenge is shared with Vicki Romaine’s challenge Blog, The Cheerful Stamp Pad.

Thinking about shoes brought me to one of my favourite sayings by Japanese writer and poet, Ryunosuke Satoro: Let Your Dreams Outgrow the Shoes of Your Expectations”. Lunagirl’s images are inspiring as always. I chose a shoe and began my work.

Travel is my sanctuary and the act of my putting on my shoes was always the prelude to a great adventure. I never knew what to expect, but I wandered, ever hopeful that I would experience something different and wonderful.

By allowing my dreams to outgrow my shoes my life, and art, grew in directions I never thought possible. I wouldn’t trade those experiences, the great and the not so wonderful, for anything!

So, fellow Artists and Dreamers…the call to outgrow your shoes is beckoning you. Will you take the dare?


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