Bridge With Waterfall / oil

bridge with waterfall

I started working on this painting a few weeks ago. I think I have about 30 hours in it but I didn’t keep track of time. I can concentrate for 2 or 3 hours a day, so I just have to keep going back. It’s a slow process, but it has it’s advantages working like this.

1st and most important is, I have a good excuse to go there every day and hang around in the beauty. It’s good for your health.

The other thing that I like about this way of painting by building up layers of glazes is that I can make corrections easily for different painting problems. If I get home and look at it and think, it’s not good, I have 2 choices.  I can use a little turp on a paper towel and wipe it right off without destroying my layers underneath, because when you paint in the couch with Maroger Medium it dries enough overnight that it is only tacky the next day. The medium makes the paint slide so nicely on the canvas. Painting in the couch is when you 1st paint a layer of medium over your dry glaze from the day before. Then, paint into the layer of plain medium with your color. You can go thick or thin.

The other way to fix a mistake is to wait till it dries a little and paint on top with the color you want. That’s the great thing about oil paint. It’s very forgiving. So why not take advantage of the nature of the medium? This is how they taught us to paint at York Academy of Art. I remember they told us NOT to even try to paint wet in wet, as they called it back then. Now they call it “ala prima”.  So I guess I’ll stick to my academic classical training.

Painting water is always a challenge. I never know exactly how to do it, so I just give it a try and if I don’t like it, I’ll try again and go over it again and again. This time I only painted the water once. First I had to paint the rock wall and then I went back the next day and thinned down white and light gray to paint my skinny lines of water. When you paint in the couch with Maroger Medium, it’s easy to paint detail because the paint flows better than painting on a dry canvas, or painting on top of wet paint. The medium is the exact right texture to paint on. I hope you can see what I’m saying.


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