Daniads by Rodin and Waterhouse





The story of the Daniads is they were the 50 daughters of King Danus an ancient Greek, who were promised to marry the 50 sons of Danus’ brother. On their wedding night all but one murdered their husbands by cutting their throats. They were sentenced to carry buckets of water to fill a tub with holes in it. Also, their buckets had leaks, so they could never finish the task.  It’s a myth that was used as a theme in art by various artists. Rodin shows the Daniad collapsed by the futility of the punishment.

The Rodin exhibit at the VMFA is a great inspiration. Danaides_by_John_William_Waterhouse,_1903

This is a Pre Raphaelite painting by John William Waterhouse showing the Daniads.


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