Are You Consumed by the Ecstasy of Wandering?


As the year comes rapidly to a close, I look ahead with joyful anticipation. It is comforting to wistfully look back on 2015. But the dream of an unbounded new year stirs my soul and elevates my imagination. Oh the curiosities to be discovered! All I need to do is take that first step!

Rather than making resolutions, I chose a mantra for 2016. It is WANDERLUST.

Wanderlust. Noun. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. But doesn’t this definition just scratch the surface of what Wanderlust really means?

I am captivated by the mellifluous flow of the word. Each syllable rolls on to the next in flawless synchronization. Wanderlust. I visualize vast panoramas of exquisite beauty. Wanderlust. I visualize dreaming beneath the open sky with new friends and old, all with fresh tales to share. But above all, I hear the voice of my spirit yearning to experience the ecstasy of wandering…of exploring my inner reality and rediscovering the essence of the story of my soul.

I thank you for traveling with me via this Blog. While wishing you all you wish for yourselves in the New Year, I hope you will take that first step and join me in 2016. Allow yourself to be consumed by the ecstasy of wandering.

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