Wild and Free / oil

on the open range

on the open range

This is my first color theory experiment.  The post from last week shows my canvas with the violet tint and violet underpainting of the horses. If the color theory works, and I make my horses palominos, they should visually pop off the canvas, because violet and yellow are complimentary colors. I tried mixing yellow ochre tints and shades to get the right color. Then I wiped it off and tried a glaze of cadmium yellow tints and shades. That didn’t look right either. So I went back to the yellow ochre with brown and gray tints and shades. Mixing colors seemed more complicated than usual on the violet.

That’s one good thing about painting” in the couch”. You paint the medium on the dry canvas and paint the color on top of the medium. The medium “couches” the paint. If I mix a color and think it’s ok, then look at it after working on it, and say, oh no, I can just wipe off the bad color without destroying my dry layer underneath, which wasn’t too far off.

About the violet paint under it all, strange painting experience. It takes for ever to dry. The violet lifts when you put the next glazes on top of it. I like the color showing through in the sky and background.

Another thing about this painting that made it seem weird to me was that I primed the canvas first by putting layers of Gesso and sanding in between. I didn’t prime a canvas since leaving YAA. The canvases you buy have one layer of Gesso and there is tooth from the canvas causing drag on the paintbrush. When you prime the canvas, it’s so smooth. I’m used to the drag from the weave of the canvas. When I painted this, the paint peaked like a soft serve ice cream cone. The Alvi’s Maroger Medium holds that peak. I wanted to flatten it with a dry brush, but it still came out with more texture in the paint.

Results from my experiment:

Mixing yellow was difficult for the violet ground.

Priming the canvas makes the paint come off the brush in a different way.

It takes forever to dry, and seems like the glazes went on thick and heavily textured.

There’s more for me to process with this experiment. I need to try it again with different colors on violet.


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