The Mystery & Magic Surrounding You


Clandestine. Surreptitious. Hush-hush. Cloak-and-dagger. Mysterious. Secret. The words…and the feeling connected with them… encircled me when looking through the Gecko Galz Pretty Portraits collage sheets.  There she was. Right in the middle of the sheet…the beautiful woman in a turban.

Who could she be? I imagined a magician’s “lovely assistant”. I adore the art of magic. The oddities are so wondrous they draw you into a web of mystery. Sleight of hand to palatial stage shows, I am totally intrigued. And to me, the world of magic and mystery is summed up in one name: Houdini. Harry created his own reality which he shared with his audiences. He was a seeker, always looking for the next illusion, the next sensational escape.

The central image of my digital work is from the Gecko Galz Pretty Portraits collage sheet. The starry background is from their Moonbeams 2 sheet. The image of the Moon is from my collection.

Working on the image allowed me to realise that we are all part of the magic that surrounds us. As artists we seek, and we create a world filled with wonders. All we need is our lovely assistant called Creativity.


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