new show at Henry St. Gallery

I entered 3 of my collages.

I entered 3 of my collages.

It will be a great show. If you’re in the Richmond VA. area you should check it out!


5 photos from Rebirthing the Classics opening night at Art6

debriefing follows

debriefing follows

This shot shows the hall looking towards the front door on Broad St. with my work on both sides. The camera shots on the wall show the original masterpieces from the VMFA and Hollywood Cemetery that are the inspiration for each piece. Last Sat. was the day to take our entries to Art6. I loaded up my car in the morning and got there at noon. As I was unloading my work in the gallery Helene talked about putting my smaller pieces in the hall. That meant a bigger showing for me so I drove home and loaded my car again. I also brought 4 landscapes and some things I made up from my imagination. They don’t all fit the theme but it’s ok because they show continuity.

a plan for Cleopatra / rose garden @ Lewis Ginter

This is a collage I’m making with my conte pencil drawing of Cleo. I’m doing the whole picture in the same pencils so it all goes together. I’m not finished with the stone architecture. It’s taped to a watercolor wash in raw sienna and paynes grey that I think will be good sky colors. And I’m planning 3 groups of roses. 2 will be seen through the windows farther in the background, and 1 bush will be climbing up the stones on the left. I’ll probably have to make a few trees too. This is a difficult project for me, so it will be a while till I’m finished. Remember when Michelangelo was painting the cieling and the pope kept asking when will it be done ? And he said , what ? I’ll tell you when I’m finished . Now we live in a fast world where artists think they have to do a finished piece every week, or every day. But I’m not on that art treadmill , thankgod.

pencil studies of Cleopatra from VMFA

about 8 hours in this study

This is graphite pencil. The challenge here is the forshortened arm. I got it right by using the head as a unit of measure. I hold my pencil out at an arms length, close one eye , and put my thumbnail on the pencil about an inch down, resting my arm on my sketchbook. I had to check the proportions of the head, elbow, and shoulder against each other again and again. Then later come back and make corrections by just eyeballing it. Just measuring isn’t enough to get it right. And just eyeballing doesn’t get it right. To draw the figure well you have to practice drawing forshortened limbs. Sculptures make good models, because they’re free, they don’t move, the lighting is good, there’s no competition for the good spot in front of the model. And you can take as much time as you like. You can see my grid from checking proportions, and my smudges. Its ok, I transfered the drawing to another paper anyway so I could use my 3 conte pencils to draw some volume in with light and shadow on the next picture.

pencil studies of Cleopatra from VMFA

about 4 hours in this study

This is conte pencil. I was still making corrections from the 1st drawing. I have a few ideas for finished pictures with this drawing. I’ll have to do some studies for the background to decide. It always takes me some time to make a picture because I have to go through these steps.

Cleopatra with Anubis

fun art project

I took this picture in daylight. You can’t see the strobe lights in Anubis’ eyes. It will show up better in the Art 6 gallery in April. Anubis had the head of a jackal, but where could I get a jackal skull ? This is a coyote skull. It’s close enough for me. My sewing skills helped with making the hair ( fake fur ) and Anubis’ head dress ( felt ). The head bone’s connected to the jaw bone — 🙂



marble sculpture by William Story

This is my favorite sculpture at the VMFA. I stood in front of her for hours and drew her twice already. The carving is great. You should see her in person. The dress looks like actual fabric. I saw the Cleopatra exhibit at the Franklin Inatitute in Philadelphia a while back. The archaeologists are close to finding her tomb ! And when they dig her up it will be bigger than King Tut !