Urban Individualist’ new space at Artworks

urban individualists at artworksIMG_1364




We moved into another little gallery at Artworks. It’s upstairs #201. We’re participating in the holiday sale. IMG_1368
The members of the Urban Individualists are Helene Ruiz, Sherri Bangoy, Ashira Benitez, David Freeman and myself. It looks like Helene and I are hogging the space, but we don’t mind taking our things down if the other group members bring in more work. Sherri, our new member does those beautiful Native American dolls and the leather hand bags. We rearranged a little more after I took these photos. We’ll be changing the space around a lot.IMG_1370

I like the space. The window is nice. There’s a cozy love seat for our visitors to hang around and get comfortable. Sherri might be found there doing her hand sewing in our little gallery over the weekend.

I have to do my labels. I’ll get back down there with them this weekend.

Artworks is on Hull St. a few blocks South of the 14th St. Bridge. In the Manchester area of Richmond.
4th St. and Hull St.

These photos don’t show everything. Come on down!


Art In A Magnificent Setting…

Mystery of V Oakley

The Mystery of Violet Oakley – Collage

I have always loved visiting the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg. It has it all: sweeping exterior staircases, incredible marble sculptures, murals beyond compare, and Commonwealth, resting atop the dome, a gilded fourteen foot six-inch statue I had the pleasure of seeing at ground level after restoration.

This is why I am so excited, and honoured, to be included in the Fifth Annual Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Group Exhibition taking place in the East Wing Rotunda for the month of July 2014.

The Daily Painters is Blog devoted to artists living in Pennsylvania. The diversity and standard of work is magnificent. I love visiting the Blog because it takes me back to my Art School days where we were able to view work in progress, and careers in transition, in an encouraging environment.

For the exhibition we each submitted three works. I chose The Mystery of Violet Oakley as one of my pieces. The Pre-Raphaelite influenced work of Violet Oakley is no stranger to us living in the Harrisburg area.  Forty-three murals grace the walls of the Capitol. Violet was the first woman artist to receive a commission of such magnitude in the United States. Her extraordinary talent and life inspired my collage.

As one of the Red Rose Girls, Violet shared her life with Jessie Willcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green. Living together encouraged a climate of extreme creativity and speculation on the true nature of the arrangement, a mystery that would never be fully solved.

The substrate for my collage is canvas. In addition to the photo of Violet, I used handmade and art paper, ribbon, joss paper, a letter written by Violet, and a pressed rose petal.

Although we Daily Painters don’t physically live together, we do share a home base on the Blog. And like the Red Rose Girls, it is an enlightening and nurturing place to be.

Infinite Wave Pillow / design #3 / step 1

Do these circles remind you of water lilies?

Do these circles remind you of water lilies?

Here’s a good pillow making tip. I can’t remember which of the excellent seamstresses I worked with told me this. When making a circular pillow if you just cut circles and sew them together it doesn’t fill in nicely with pillow stuffing because circles have uneven tension on the seam going around. To take the tension off the circle, sew a loose stitch around the circle and pull a thread so it gathers up about an inch. Then when you put in the fiberfill it gets rounder looking with no flat spots. The gathers aren’t noticeable when it’s finished.

When I had these circles gathered I thought they look like water lilies. How would it be if I sew a bunch of them and throw them down on the floor in some gallery and call it an installation? Pillows seem sculptural to me.

5 photos from Rebirthing the Classics opening night at Art6

debriefing follows

debriefing follows

This shot shows the hall looking towards the front door on Broad St. with my work on both sides. The camera shots on the wall show the original masterpieces from the VMFA and Hollywood Cemetery that are the inspiration for each piece. Last Sat. was the day to take our entries to Art6. I loaded up my car in the morning and got there at noon. As I was unloading my work in the gallery Helene talked about putting my smaller pieces in the hall. That meant a bigger showing for me so I drove home and loaded my car again. I also brought 4 landscapes and some things I made up from my imagination. They don’t all fit the theme but it’s ok because they show continuity.

Not Sure if Art

not sure if art

I sent 2 short stories to sharedblogg. “I Gave a Bird Shelter From a Storm” and “My Baby’s Daddy is a Space Alien / I Need a Little Help Here”

this house gets my vote for winner of the Tacky Light Tour

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For real, folks, They call it the Tacky Light Tour. There’s a lot of houses around the Richmond area that go all out at Christmas. It’s a contest, and a party that moves all around with busses , limos, lots of traffic in the neighborhoods. A lot of them collect money for charities.  Do you have this in your city ?

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy New Year !

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I took a bunch of camera shots. They don’t do it justice.  And  the power company juices up the whole neighborhood  at the houses with lots of lights.

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