Green Wheat Fields, Auvers by Van Gogh

at the National Gallery in Washington DC.

at the National Gallery in Washington DC.

Hey, Marie, Thanks for sending the image to me!

This is in public view for the 1st time in 50 years. Van Gogh completed it a few weeks before he died in 1890 at age 37. It was in the private collection of the late millionaire Paul Mellon at the VA. home of Paul and Rachel Mellon. Rachel, 103, donated it this year.

It’s large for a  Van Gogh painting  at 2.5 x 3 feet. Everyone talking about it thinks it’s bright and incredibly beautiful! I’m planning on seeing it in person this week!


Naiad by Antonio Canova / marble / National Gallery

1815 - 17

1815 – 17

Isn’t she beautiful !!

The Judgement of Paris / Giovanni Sons / National Gallery



Some day in the future, I want to do a Judgement of Paris painting. I need 3 beautiful girls to dress up like Greek goddesses, and 1 good looking guy to pose for me. (for free) or I might have to use my imagination.

Madonna and Child / Vittore Carpaccio / National Gallery

1505 - 1510

1505 – 1510

Here’s a Madonna and Child where the subjects look disinterested. The little angel heads floating over them don’t get noticed. Does it look like the baby Jesus has duct tape wrapped around him ?

The Fall of Man / Hendrik Goltzius / National Gallery



Here’s a beautiful figure painting for your viewing pleasure . I hope you can see the little snake above Eve’s head. It had me laughing because it looks like it has a little angel face that seems feminine or childlike, and I always pictured the snake as male in my own mind. I’ve seen a lot of human figures with animal heads in art, but the snake body with a human face looks much scarier to me.

I don’t have all the info on this painting. If you know the history please share and I’ll post it.

Girl With a Flute / attributed to Vermeer / National Gallery

It's a FORGERY !

It’s a FORGERY !

The plaque says it’s attributed to Vermeer. There’s something wrong with her eyes. The color looks washed out too. Vermeer wouldn’t wimp out on the hands like this . In fact it looks a little creepy to me. I can tell it’s not a Vermeer, and I’m not an expert. So why is it hanging in the National Gallery ? I guess the establishment is an idiot. No one has the self confidence to say to their rich donor, “You got ripped off .” So there it hangs with a half ass plaque , as if they can’t say for sure.

The Niccolini Cowper Madonna / Raphael / National Gallery

One of my all time favorites

One of my all time favorites.

When we were looking at the portraits from the Middle Ages in the National Gallery, the subjects aren’t interacting. In fact they look angry, or bored. Then when we got into the galleries with Renaissance paintings, the subjects are interacting. The Madonnas from the Middle Ages are kind of funny , with the mother and baby looking away from each other. With this one by Raphael, you see a loving mother and a playful baby.