Black Eyed Susans / pastel study


I worked on my sketch in the shade at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for a while, then came home and worked on it again. It’s for a collage I’m doing for a show titled “Entangled”, happening at the Petersburg Art League, Fri. Oct. 14.

The theme Entangled is a collaborative show with visual artists doing an illustration for an author, and the author writing a poem for a painting. It’s always good for artists and writers to get together and exchange ideas. Artists find a lot of inspiration in in the other art forms.

I’m entered with my daughter, Sarah Hill, a writer. She wrote a book for teenage girls. The story is about a girl who’s mother is like Wonder Woman from another planet, and her dad is a normal human. The daughter has some super powers too, and the scene I’m illustrating is the chapter where the mother teaches the girl to fly. It’s a real fun subject to illustrate. And Sarah is writing a poem for one of my paintings. The poems and the paintings will be hung together.

I need to cut this sketch up into clumps of flowers for my collage, and arrange them in among the trees in their back yard. Then I can work again on my 2 figures floating slowly down to Earth. Doing the figures is kind of like making paper dolls for this collage. Fun stuff!!

If you’re in the area, you should make it to this opening. It will be great. People will be reading poetry and there will also be Latin Jazz and Salsa music.


You’re invited to my opening!

Richmond Public Library on Franklin St. Dec. 4 6 to 9

Richmond Public Library on Franklin St. Dec. 4
6 to 9

I want to hang this new painting at the library but I’m not sure it will be 100% dry. Sometimes I put a painting in a frame for a show, and later it sticks to the frame and  I have to touch up the color on the edge. This time, I’m putting a thin strip of tape on the inside edge of the frame. If the paint sticks to the tape, I think I can get it out of the frame and warm up the tape with a hair drier to get it off without messing up the paint.

I hope you will come down to the library and have a look at my paintings in person. I’d like to hear any suggestions or comments.

This painting is “Richmond in Nov.” looking west over the James from Rocketts Landing.

oil study after “portrait of a Young Woman” by Pourbus the Elder / painted by Tim Harriss

art opening debriefing follows

art opening debriefing follows

A friendly guard at the museum told me the employees of the VMFA had a show of their own work called “Inside Out” opening last night in the VMFA Studio School, an old house across Grove Ave. from the museum.

I got there about 6:30 and the empty wine glasses were everywhere. The space isn’t large and it was packed with people drinking wine and engaged in loud conversations. A good time was had by all. I didn’t stay to drink because I didn’t see the guards who talk to me and there wasn’t much food out.

I was curious to see if any of the museum employees are studying the masters. YES ! One of them is! I thought this was the most beautiful piece in the show. I don’t think it was traced. Rock on, Tim Harriss!

Pourbus the Elder was a Flemish Renaissance painter.

Little Demon Pillows

little demon pillows

The weather is nice today but they say the heat and humidity will be back next week. I’ve been sewing more this year than I did in the past 10 years because of the extreme weather. In the winter when it was too snowy and icy to go out to draw I worked on my slipcovers. Now I’m sewing pillows because I can’t take the heat. I might have to force myself to go out in the heat to draw soon because it gets boring working at home. We could have 8 more weeks of the heat and humidity here, with little breaks of good weather like today. So your plein air artist is sewing at home again. I hope you enjoy the little demons. I entered them at the Henry St. Gallery. Opening night was postponed till July 11 because the 4th of July celebrations conflicted with 1st Fri. art opening night.

Dios de los Jalapenos / sculpture

Lets talk about art, food and multiculturalism.

Lets talk about art, food and multiculturalism.

My inspiration came from my book “The Maya” by Michael D. Coe. I learned so much from that book and the art is great.

Sometimes artists say they don’t know what to do next and their friends tell them to do what you like, do what you know. I’d say it’s more fun to do something foreign to you. Look outside your own life for inspiration.

You don’t have to be Mexican to like tacos and make your own tacos. You don’t have to be PA. Dutch to draw hex signs. If I saw an artist of another race drawing hex signs would I say “You can’t do that because you’re not PA. Dutch.”? NO! I’d be hoping their next project would be a Shoo Fly Pie. It’s true the best steak sandwiches are in Southeast PA. But they make some here that aren’t bad.

Artists, you don’t have to be 100% true to the style you want to use. Take the elements you like and make them your own. Experimentation and exploration are much more rewarding than doing the same thing over and over again. Don’t fear the multicultural community. Use it.

I’m entering this sculpture at the Henry St. Gallery in Richmond VA. in July. The theme is Gods and Goddesses. Opening night is the 1st Fri. in July. Come on down and see the new god in person.

Sea Slug / the other side

It's reversible.

It’s reversible.

I like both fabrics and couldn’t decide which side should be up so I put eye stalks on both sides.

The slug and 4 of my other sculptural pillows are entered at the Henry St. Gallery’s 3d and sculpture show opening Fri. night. Check them out.

Poe’s Enchanted Garden / oil

art and magic

art and magic

The flowers are really on the other side of the wall. After I had the architecture under control I thought about the flowers. I thought, “Dang, I’ll have to use my artistic license.” I made a mental note of what type of Bluebells are in Poe’s garden and found the same kind at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. I did my color rough at Lewis Ginter and painted the flowers into Poe’s garden where I wanted them.

I’m entering this painting and my graphite pencil drawing of Poe’s portrait at the Poe Museum’s Enchanted Garden art show. The night to go is May 22. They’re having “Unhappy Hour” with live music and a cash bar. It will be fun!

When people see my painting with flowers that aren’t really in that spot they might think I did magic. Sometimes I hear people say art is magic or art is a gift from God. I say, no, it’s not like that. Anyone who wants to take the time to do art can do art. But when I took those flowers from Lewis Ginter and gave them to Poe I didn’t have to ask. It was fun because no one else except artists can get away with it.

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