new show at Henry St. Gallery

I entered 3 of my collages.

I entered 3 of my collages.

It will be a great show. If you’re in the Richmond VA. area you should check it out!


Boy With a Roemer of Wine by Candelight / Henrick Ter Brugghen

Dutch 1623

Dutch 1623

Here’s a great old painting at the VMFA. My photo doesn’t do it justice. The plaque says Brugghen was one of the Utrecht Caravaggisti, a group of artists following Caravaggio in the Netherlands. They showed manipulation of light effects. The candle light looks so warm, or is it the wine? The plaque asks if this painting moralizes about wine. Is it a good thing or is it bad for you? The painting lets the viewer decide. If you could ask the boy in the painting he would say, wine makes him happy.

Have you let your light shine?

Bliss Atc

Life Is Bliss ATC

When wandering through my local Salvation Army store a spiral bound book caught my eye. Printed with six words…”At the end of the day…” it’s small with a plain ochre cover. And what a find! Each page is a plethora of inspiring, uplifting, or just plain quotes that make you go “Hmmmmmmm…”. For a collage artist, a book like this is a gold mine of inspiration.

Published by the Grand Circle Corporation in 2007 it is a collection of readings the founders  thought of as companions on their journey through over one hundred countries. Their hope was that all who read the book received the gift of reflection. I love the line from their Dedication page: “Have you let your light shine?”

With this book in mind I entered into an Artist Trading Card swap. But which quote to use! I let my Muse guide me, closed the book, and randomly opened it. There it was, just what I was looking for on Page 78. The chapter is on “Blessings”. Although sources say the quote is falsely attributed to Mother Teresa, I find it inspiring. It starts with “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it”.  I chose seven of the twenty lines to illustrate.

The first card in this series is “Life is bliss, taste it”. I found a lovely photo of a saucy woman holding cherries between her teeth. Perfect! The substrate is illustration board. The background is a mixture of Distress Inks. Acrylic paint is rubber stamped or stencilled on to the card. In addition to the photo, I also attached handmade and art papers, finishing off with a French postage stamp.

And as the year quickly draws to a close, what a wonderful motto to hold close to our hearts as we welcome the New Year. My wish for you is that you find your bliss by tasting all the flavours life has to offer. And why not let your light shine and share your unique self with those you meet on your journey?

Skeletons Turnd Up !

twerking and smoking!

twerking and smoking!

5 photos from Rebirthing the Classics opening night at Art6

debriefing follows

debriefing follows

This shot shows the hall looking towards the front door on Broad St. with my work on both sides. The camera shots on the wall show the original masterpieces from the VMFA and Hollywood Cemetery that are the inspiration for each piece. Last Sat. was the day to take our entries to Art6. I loaded up my car in the morning and got there at noon. As I was unloading my work in the gallery Helene talked about putting my smaller pieces in the hall. That meant a bigger showing for me so I drove home and loaded my car again. I also brought 4 landscapes and some things I made up from my imagination. They don’t all fit the theme but it’s ok because they show continuity.

You’re Invited ! Art 6 Opening ! July 5th

Rebirth%20FlierWhen I saw the theme was “Rebirthing the Classics” I decided to enter my figure drawings. I have a lot of work from the 2 years I spent drawing the sad stone angels in Hollywood Cemetery. And I have a lot of figure drawings from sculptures at the VMFA. When I started to get the hang of figure drawing I used the figures in scenes from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  I’m all over town drawing and painting in plein air ! 😉

A lot of artists will be represented in the show so I’m looking forward to seeing their interpretations of classical subject matter too!

I’ll fill up the 2nd small gallery with my favorite drawings.

Thanks to Art 6 and Helene Ruiz for the great opportunity to show my progress on that path !