Chicken Coop, Wheat, Crepe Myrtles / oil

chicken coop wheat crepe myrtlesIt was over a month ago when I went out to Cold Harbor and saw the wheat looked beautiful. I wanted to hurry and paint it before it got mowed.  I thought, this will be easy, then I had to go over it 3 times to get it to come out ok. The texture across the top looks velvety and soft. The 1st time I tried to paint the wheat, it was too spotty. So I tried again. The 2nd time I tried to paint it, The texture looked better but the color was off. Finally on my 3rd try, I liked the color and texture. I was a little concerned about finishing the wheat before it got mowed, but Barbara told me the man mowing the wheat was working his way down Cold Harbor Rd. mowing fields on the other side. She said her field would get mowed last when he came back mowing fields on her side of the road. So, even though I had some difficulty with painting the wheat, I got it in before it was mowed.

Then this painting was on hold for a month because I wanted to put the Crepe Myrtles in but they were late blooming. The Crepe Myrtles started blooming in Richmond about a month ago and these are still opening up.

I’m happy to finally see this painting finished.

Are You Ready For A Great Adventure?


Remains of the Afternoon

Do you ever design a piece with nothing in mind but the thrill of colour and texture? Does a certain shape appeal to you in a way you can’t explain…but you, and your Muse, just knows it’s “right”?

One of my favourite shapes is the Triangle.  I love the balance of it..the feeling of unity and calm I get whenever it becomes part of my work.

There are many meanings surrounding this symbol. In Christianity it represents the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We Americans encounter the pyramids a symbol of future prosperity and strength every time we handle a dollar bill featuring the Great Seal of the United States.

The Greek notion of the triangle as the symbol of a doorway giving balance to emotions and higher wisdom is intriguing to me.

In the Egyptian tradition the symbol represents the trinity of Isis, Osiris, and Horus. And can anyone think of Egypt without dreaming of the Great Pyramids of Giza?

I approached this collage with a clear mind ready to follow the direction of my Muse. The substrate for the collage is illustration board. I cut up a vintage letter, art and handmade paper, joss and sewing pattern paper into triangular shapes. I added the crystalline paper made from newspaper and flower petals enwrapped in tissue. The final touch was copper acrylics stencilled over the layers.

What symbols and shapes are dear to you? If you heed their call, they will help you open the  door to your creative possibilities.  I don’t know about you, but I can never resist going a great adventure!