cartoon anatomy by Hyungkoo Lee / Korean

Bugs Bunny skull

Bugs Bunny skull

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Vampire mural / street art / Richmond VA.

vampire mural
Now here’s an artist that can communicate. I mean, I doubt he’ll type in to me, “No, that’s not a vampire.”
It can be found on Madison St. at Broad.

It’s my new favorite.

It’s titled ” Moonshine”. We mistakenly thought it was strawberry jam / street art

I submit for your viewing pleasure

Kids around here are mixing their shine with something red.

This mural was ranked one of the best in the world by BuzzFeed. Richmonders agree. It can be found at 1003 W Grace St. Richmond, VA.

Amoeba Pillow with mirrors

how to be creative

how to be creative

When an art critic turns up their nose and says “It’s been done before.” you can ignore anything else they say because that person isn’t thinking clearly.

To be creative you have to remember something you learned in the past and combine it with something else. Then you have something new.

I didn’t invent embroidering mirrors on fabric. I didn’t invent using wire and innerfacing to make fabric hold a shape. I only had to find things I like and put them together, then ask “ok, What is this thing I made?” And people think I’m creative but I never invented anything in my life. This is why it’s important to learn from the masters if you want to be a great artist. They can teach you what works. Then you get better results because you have knowledge and experience to draw from.

Little Demon Pillows

little demon pillows

The weather is nice today but they say the heat and humidity will be back next week. I’ve been sewing more this year than I did in the past 10 years because of the extreme weather. In the winter when it was too snowy and icy to go out to draw I worked on my slipcovers. Now I’m sewing pillows because I can’t take the heat. I might have to force myself to go out in the heat to draw soon because it gets boring working at home. We could have 8 more weeks of the heat and humidity here, with little breaks of good weather like today. So your plein air artist is sewing at home again. I hope you enjoy the little demons. I entered them at the Henry St. Gallery. Opening night was postponed till July 11 because the 4th of July celebrations conflicted with 1st Fri. art opening night.

Dios de los Jalapenos / sculpture

Lets talk about art, food and multiculturalism.

Lets talk about art, food and multiculturalism.

My inspiration came from my book “The Maya” by Michael D. Coe. I learned so much from that book and the art is great.

Sometimes artists say they don’t know what to do next and their friends tell them to do what you like, do what you know. I’d say it’s more fun to do something foreign to you. Look outside your own life for inspiration.

You don’t have to be Mexican to like tacos and make your own tacos. You don’t have to be PA. Dutch to draw hex signs. If I saw an artist of another race drawing hex signs would I say “You can’t do that because you’re not PA. Dutch.”? NO! I’d be hoping their next project would be a Shoo Fly Pie. It’s true the best steak sandwiches are in Southeast PA. But they make some here that aren’t bad.

Artists, you don’t have to be 100% true to the style you want to use. Take the elements you like and make them your own. Experimentation and exploration are much more rewarding than doing the same thing over and over again. Don’t fear the multicultural community. Use it.

I’m entering this sculpture at the Henry St. Gallery in Richmond VA. in July. The theme is Gods and Goddesses. Opening night is the 1st Fri. in July. Come on down and see the new god in person.

the Pitcher Plant Sing Along / oil

anthropomorphizing plants

anthropomorphizing plants

As I’m hanging around in the Water Garden on different days drawing the pitcher plants, I’m often joined by groups of kids and their teachers. This is what I learned about the pitcher plants.

The pitcher plants grow in poor soil. The water dissolves the nutrients in the ground and washes them away. Pitcher plants catch their own fertilizer in the form of bugs. Bugs are attracted to the sweet slightly funky sticky stuff inside the pitcher. When they go in to eat they get stuck and drown in a little sugar water inside the pitcher. As they decompose they feed the plant. The lid shaped leaves don’t go down to close the mouth. The leaves are shaped to run rain water away from the pitcher. The stems are narrow at the bottom and wide at the mouth, so it looks like if the pitcher fills up with water the plant would fall over. Later in the summer a lot of them do fall down.

When I get home and look at my drawing I wonder why the teachers don’t talk about the plants crazy personality. Everyone finds these plants fascinating and they don’t know why. This is my explanation. The wide open heart shaped mouths and upturned leaf shaped noses make the plants look like they’re laughing or maybe singing. What are they laughing at? Are bugs tickling their throats? Is it all a bug joke to them? Are they all singing? Is it a frequency beyond the range of human ears? This is the kind of questions I think of.

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