Knob Handled Bowl with Pegasus / Greek ca.320 BC

pegasus bowl

It’s terracotta at the VMFA. This is what the plaque says.

And when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head, there sprang forth great Chrysaor and the horse Pegasus. Now Pegasus flew away and left the earth, the mother of flocks, and he came to the deathless gods: and he dwells in the house of Zeus and brings to wise Zeus the thunder and lightning. Hesiod, Theogony


Outer Sarcophagus of Hor / detail / figures from ancient Egypt

breaking news about King Tut's penis on the link below

breaking news about King Tut’s penis on the link below

This photo shows the outer sarcophagus of Hor 525-404 BC. It’s on loan to the VMFA from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A link of interest

Is that mutilated mummy still in the Museum of Natural History? A year ago I told them to return it to Egypt but they didn’t respond. I’m afraid to go back and look for it because it’s too gross and scary. In the real world my opinion doesn’t mean anything. If I was Michelle Obama the 1st thing I’d do is tell the Smithsonian to send that horror back to Egypt so it can be properly taken care of according to their customs. Will someone let Michelle Obama know about it so she can right this wrong thing in the museum? The taxpayers would appreciate it.

Pyrmid / Confederate memorial / Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is so special, I can’t get it all on the blog. I lived in Richmond for 30 years and always knew it was there. I knew it’s full of history and beautiful sad stone angels, but I didn’t go there. Then when I went in to look at the great view of Richmond and the James River in 06, suddenly inspiration hit me in the head like a fake faith healer, who  struck me in the cemetery too one time . But that’s a story for another time.

First  the cemetery was my inspiration, then it was my refuge. And through it, the cemetery made a better artist out of me. Some people  wondered why I spent so much time drawing there, but I knew I was on the right path.

Some times people talked to me, and I learned a lot. I think out of the cemetery’s history, which is over 150 years, I got more out of it than any other artist.

The gravediggers call me ” the angel lady “.   🙂

Can you see where I stuck a rose in the stones as high as I could reach ?

Thanks to all in our armed forces and our vets.

the Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci / detail

this is from my 2012 calendar

A few nights ago I saw a show on tv about Leonardo. I was doing something else too , and only half watching. So tell me if this is wrong.  They said for 2 years there’s no record of his life, even though he wrote notebooks full of everything he was doing the rest of the time. They said he didn’t talk about his personal life, except to mention that he didn’t like caves. But he went into a cave and it was an important event to him. The guys who made the show think he found a portal to extraterrestrial knowledge. They also said that this painting might have been done by Leonardo’s teacher, but that Leonardo painted this angel. And she DISAPPEARS under ultraviolet light. Did I hear that right ? If it’s true , how did he do it ? I think the show was on Nat. Geo.. They might show it again. I don’t know what to think about the space alien idea. Maybe his genius is just so far ahead of the curve, that’s an easy explanation. If space aliens are reading this, please respond. 🙂

The Heron Rookery / detail

heron drawn at 1.25 inch

In nature you have to look to find the herons. You might not see them because of  their grey color. so they are not the main focal point of the picture. I sent the image to my web master, so the finished drawing will show up on my web site soon. Tips for drawing at the pipeline trail , for safety’s sake :Either go on the weekend when a lot of people are there, or go early in the morning.

I’m trying to avoid the homeless, and many perverts that go there. They’re not as active early in the morning. But the birds are very active early in the day. Also watch out for ticks and poison ivy. Ticks will be bad this year, and the poison ivy is every where. I love the river, but a lady artist working in plein air has to be aware of those things , and take a friend along if possible. One great thing about Richmond is that it is a little wild right through the heart of the city.

Egyptian winged goddess on Mummy Mask @ VMFA

I'm sending her to Shelby.

It’s painted gesso on top of wood. I think this is Isis.Feel better soon, Shelby,  and come back to the ninnernet. 🙂