Fearless in Poe’s Garden / oil

The Poe Museum has 2 black cats, Edgar and Pluto. You already know that miscreant, the Raven.

The Poe Museum has 2 black cats, Edgar and Pluto. You already know that miscreant, the Raven.

The opening of the upcoming art show “Poe’s Enchanted Garden” happens with their “Unhappy Hour” on May 26. You should go, it will be good.

Chris S. at the Poe museum told me the cats worked together and caught a squirrel. They had it cornered. The garden was set up for an event with a huge white canopy and tables with black tablecloths. The cats dragged their victim into the formal set up!  Later, I wondered if it was a wedding, and if the bride fainted at the sight of the squirrel’s murder. It seemed somehow appropriate for the Poe Museum.

The Redbud trees and Tulips are from my memory. Redbuds are bushy little trees, and there’s no room for one, but I put them in the scene, because I think Poe might have liked them. Just imagine they’re espaliered. hahaha, yeah, I espaliered them for Poe with the magic of art.

I  tried to draw that planter  4 or 5 times on paper. Every time, when I got home, I’d look at it and think, that’s close, but not right. So I traced my sketch and tried again on another paper. Finally, I got it to look  symmetrical and right proportionally, then drew it again on the canvas. I was still making corrections with paint, until I decided it was close enough. The planter has a little green bush and some pansies, not Tulips. I wanted to put Tulips in so the painting could have a line of bright red flowers.

It’s a great thing about art, you can make changes to a scene if you want to. A plein air artist doesn’t have to record the scene as it is in real life. I’m using naturalistic colors and values by mixing my paint outside in natural light and trying to match my colors to what’s there. That’s what makes it look like “Realism”.  If you go to the Poe Museum, you will be able to see how much this differs from reality.




Amazing Illustrations of Edgar Allen Poe Stories / Clark and Dore


dore illustration of poe

The 1st two illustrations here are by Harry Clarke. The one below is by Gustave Dore.

See the whole post with more great drawings at


Harry Clarke’s Hallucinatory Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Stories 1923

Gustave Dore’s Splendid Illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” 1884





Actor’s Memorial to Poe by Richard Henry Park

marble and bronze 1885

marble and bronze

My photo doesn’t do her justice. She’s just beautiful!
It was commissioned by Edwin Booth, president of the Actor’s Guild of New York. Edwin was the brother of John Wilkes Booth who killed Abraham Lincoln. It was originally at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I wish I was a better writer so I could tell you how great the Poe Museum is. Here’s a short list of things of interest there : history (too much to learn in one visit), poetry, literature, stories of love, sadness, mystery, scary, architecture, fine art, Unhappy Hour, music

Check it out!

Poe’s Enchanted Garden / oil

art and magic

art and magic

The flowers are really on the other side of the wall. After I had the architecture under control I thought about the flowers. I thought, “Dang, I’ll have to use my artistic license.” I made a mental note of what type of Bluebells are in Poe’s garden and found the same kind at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. I did my color rough at Lewis Ginter and painted the flowers into Poe’s garden where I wanted them.

I’m entering this painting and my graphite pencil drawing of Poe’s portrait at the Poe Museum’s Enchanted Garden art show. The night to go is May 22. They’re having “Unhappy Hour” with live music and a cash bar. It will be fun!

When people see my painting with flowers that aren’t really in that spot they might think I did magic. Sometimes I hear people say art is magic or art is a gift from God. I say, no, it’s not like that. Anyone who wants to take the time to do art can do art. But when I took those flowers from Lewis Ginter and gave them to Poe I didn’t have to ask. It was fun because no one else except artists can get away with it.

Edgar Allan Poe / graphite / finished drawing

I've always loved him.  (sigh)

I’ve always loved him.

Yeah, I heard he was hard to get along with. I’d still like to take him home and sew his buttons on and straighten his tie and comb his hair and make him happy. 😉 Oh well, he’s dead, but still alive in the hearts of millions.

Edgar Allan Poe / graphite

This is my study of the bust of Poe at the Poe Museum.

This is my study of the bust of Poe at the Poe Museum.

They have a call to artists for a show happening in May titled “Painting the Enchanted Garden”. It runs May 22 to July 18. I want to work on this a little more and enter it. Also I’d like to try to paint the garden.

When I was drawing this a lady working for the museum stopped to talk to me. I asked her if she knew if Poe had a broken nose because it doesn’t look straight on his bust. She didn’t know for sure but she told me he infuriated a lot of people. He was a harsh literary critic. She told me Poe accused Longfellow of plagiarism!

The Poe Museum is great! You should check it out!