I slipcovered my other chair.

slipcover on other chairSewing is an art. I think it’s more difficult than drawing. If you can sew you can draw. It’s just how much time do you have?

With sewing or drawing it helps to have good teachers. Then you have to work on it on your own for years.

When I’m out drawing a lot of times I get surrounded by a group of school children. They’re all looking at me and I like kids so I ask them, “Who likes to draw?” In the younger groups almost all of the kids raise their hands. When I ask the teens not many raise their hands. Once I asked a lady why they stop liking to draw. She told me it’s fear of failure. The question I didn’t ask is “Where do kids get a fear of failure?”

Sewing is the same. You can’t let it frustrate you. If it’s not working out you have to let it go. Do something else and go back to it later and try again.

Over the years of working on different projects you get the confidence to take that fabric in hand and make it do what you want. With sewing as with drawing I make corrections as I go. Ripping isn’t usually a problem and neither is erasing. The results might not be perfect but I still try for perfection. Then there comes a time when you have to decide, are you finished? Can you live with it like this or will it bug you? I’m so excited with my new slipcovers brightening up my room! It’s all springy!