new show at Henry St. Gallery

I entered 3 of my collages.

I entered 3 of my collages.

It will be a great show. If you’re in the Richmond VA. area you should check it out!


Maya Funerary Vessel / Apocalypse

Here’s my headline for The Onion on Dec. 22 , 2012 : “Much Anticipated Apocalypse Fails To Live Up To The Hype Once Again ”

I’m not psychic, but I don’t see signs that the end of the world is here. War and natural disasters are nothing new. But now with a larger population that’s all connected worldwide, we are more aware of it.

The constant talk in the media about the Apocalypse reminds me of when I was drawing in the cemetery. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being reminded every day that I will die.

I just hope they run Dr. Strangelove some time this month. That’s my favorite movie about the end of the world. Remember at the end when Slim Pickins character rides the bomb down like a cowboy on a bull ? Then they play that song ” We’ll Meet Again Someday “.

I hope a new and better age for the Earth starts on Dec. 21. I’d like to see an age of mindfulness. People will consider the consequences of their actions, or the consequences of their inactions when action is needed. That will be the best thing we can do for our human race in the new era.pix for blog 218

The Flayed One at VMFA

How cool is this guy !

The plaque at the museum says this is an ancient Mexican god who is shown wearing the skin of another human. (evidently not a modern horror idea) The peeling off of skin represents rebirth like a kernel of corn sprouting. I think this is the corn god. It looks like corn kernels under his skin. And those legs look like corn stalks going into the ground with feet not for walking.

I drew it  in 2011 and it makes me want to get some clay and do sculptures of primitive figures. You can see the drawing on my web site.