a painting by Helene Ruiz / acrylic

That was a real fun art opening last night at the Petersburg Area Art League

That was a real fun art opening last night at the Petersburg Area Art League

This is my favorite one of Helene’s paintings from her “Skulduggeries” series. Helene illustrates life’s hardships and the strange people you meet, with humor in her paintings.

The show I entered with her group, the Urban Individualists, was titled “Entangled”. It’s a collaborative effort between visual artists and poets. The authors wrote a poem for a painting, and a painter illustrated a poem. The paintings and poems are hung together. And Helene had a section of the gallery for her Skullduggery paintings. The show is GREAT!! in my humble opinion.  If you’re in the area and didn’t get there last night, you should go check it out.

This is my daughter, Sarah, and me standing in front of two of our entries. (my paintings and her poem and story)

This is my daughter, Sarah, and me standing in front of two of our entries. (my paintings and her poem and story)

We also enjoyed the poetry readings and the Latin music !


Are You Consumed by the Ecstasy of Wandering?


As the year comes rapidly to a close, I look ahead with joyful anticipation. It is comforting to wistfully look back on 2015. But the dream of an unbounded new year stirs my soul and elevates my imagination. Oh the curiosities to be discovered! All I need to do is take that first step!

Rather than making resolutions, I chose a mantra for 2016. It is WANDERLUST.

Wanderlust. Noun. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. But doesn’t this definition just scratch the surface of what Wanderlust really means?

I am captivated by the mellifluous flow of the word. Each syllable rolls on to the next in flawless synchronization. Wanderlust. I visualize vast panoramas of exquisite beauty. Wanderlust. I visualize dreaming beneath the open sky with new friends and old, all with fresh tales to share. But above all, I hear the voice of my spirit yearning to experience the ecstasy of wandering…of exploring my inner reality and rediscovering the essence of the story of my soul.

I thank you for traveling with me via this Blog. While wishing you all you wish for yourselves in the New Year, I hope you will take that first step and join me in 2016. Allow yourself to be consumed by the ecstasy of wandering.

Keeps rainin’ all the time…

Ethel Sings

Ethel Sings ATC

I recently took part in another Artist Trading Card swap. The theme was “Stormy Weather”.

In a way, this card is an homage to my Dad as much as it is to Ethel Waters and composers Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. My father was a great music aficionado. Jazz was his Muse. The voices of Ethel, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Peggy Lee flavoured my childhood. I loved hearing about the concerts in clubs in Manhattan that ran from Friday to Sunday with one band after another taking the stage. My heart skipped a beat hearing about Gene Krupa and his glow in the dark drum sticks. Swing, Big Band, Progressive Jazz, even Scat filled the rooms of our home.

So when I heard of the swap my thought was of the beautiful vocals of this song first performed by Ethel Waters in 1933 at the Cotton Club in Manhattan.

The substrate is illustration board. I dyed it using Bleeding Art Tissue. I enhanced the photo of Ethel with Iridescent Medium. I added metallic and distress inks. I altered the music with Glimmer Mist. The final touch was handmade paper using a variety of inks and acrylic paint.

Can a Muse be passed on from one generation to the next? In this case, I think it was.


Make Your Own Kind Of Music…


Make Your Own Kind of Music – ATC

Art, Dance, Literature, and Music is the language the Muse uses to speak to me. It could be seeing an inspired piece of choreography, an extraordinary painting, hearing a moving piece of music, or reading thought-provoking passage.

I recently took part in an Artist Trading Card swap. The theme was “Red”. I found the photo of the woman in my collection. Her auburn hair was perfect for the challenge.I had the TV on while looking through my photos and heard a phrase from Cass Elliott’s song, “Make Your Own Kind of Music”. Synchronicity again…or just a nudge from the Muse?

The substrate is heavy watercolour paper. I started by dying the paper with various shades of bleeding art tissue. I then rubber stamped the card with sheet music for the background. I added the main image next followed by a French postage stamp, art paper, handmade paper, and more rubber stamping. To finish the card, I added Distress Inks to the edge and sprayed the card with Color Shine “Sweet Cherry” to complete the aura of “Red”.

The lyrics of the song keep rolling around in my mind…”make your own kind of music…sing your own special song…even if nobody else sings along.” Being true to yourself in Art and in Life is the easiest way to be your most authentic self. And your most authentic self is the greatest gift you can share

live internet feed from “Disguised” @ Art 6 opening


They will be broadcasting live from 5 to 9 Pm (Eastern time) Fri. April 6.

Latin Jazz, is that dance music ? Be sure to tune in and see the great disguises !

I think it will be fun !