You’re invited to my opening!

Richmond Public Library on Franklin St. Dec. 4 6 to 9

Richmond Public Library on Franklin St. Dec. 4
6 to 9

I want to hang this new painting at the library but I’m not sure it will be 100% dry. Sometimes I put a painting in a frame for a show, and later it sticks to the frame and  I have to touch up the color on the edge. This time, I’m putting a thin strip of tape on the inside edge of the frame. If the paint sticks to the tape, I think I can get it out of the frame and warm up the tape with a hair drier to get it off without messing up the paint.

I hope you will come down to the library and have a look at my paintings in person. I’d like to hear any suggestions or comments.

This painting is “Richmond in Nov.” looking west over the James from Rocketts Landing.


oil study after “portrait of a Young Woman” by Pourbus the Elder / painted by Tim Harriss

art opening debriefing follows

art opening debriefing follows

A friendly guard at the museum told me the employees of the VMFA had a show of their own work called “Inside Out” opening last night in the VMFA Studio School, an old house across Grove Ave. from the museum.

I got there about 6:30 and the empty wine glasses were everywhere. The space isn’t large and it was packed with people drinking wine and engaged in loud conversations. A good time was had by all. I didn’t stay to drink because I didn’t see the guards who talk to me and there wasn’t much food out.

I was curious to see if any of the museum employees are studying the masters. YES ! One of them is! I thought this was the most beautiful piece in the show. I don’t think it was traced. Rock on, Tim Harriss!

Pourbus the Elder was a Flemish Renaissance painter.

Little Demon Pillows

little demon pillows

The weather is nice today but they say the heat and humidity will be back next week. I’ve been sewing more this year than I did in the past 10 years because of the extreme weather. In the winter when it was too snowy and icy to go out to draw I worked on my slipcovers. Now I’m sewing pillows because I can’t take the heat. I might have to force myself to go out in the heat to draw soon because it gets boring working at home. We could have 8 more weeks of the heat and humidity here, with little breaks of good weather like today. So your plein air artist is sewing at home again. I hope you enjoy the little demons. I entered them at the Henry St. Gallery. Opening night was postponed till July 11 because the 4th of July celebrations conflicted with 1st Fri. art opening night.

Do What You Like. Like What You Do!


Home For Christmas – Collage

There is a saying that the secret of life is doing what you like.

I was invited to show with The Urban Individualists Group at the Artworks Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. The theme “Do what you like. Like what you do.” is Chris Ludke’s inspiration. The photo below, from the exhibit, shows two of Chris’ en plein air paintings.

Chris Ludke Artworks

Paintings By Chris Ludke

I selected Home For Christmas for a variety of reasons. I enjoyed working on this collage. Everything just seemed to fall into place. Again, Muse or Synchronicity… The canvas was just the right size. A piece of junk mail provided the night sky. The postage stamps and an envelope dated 1935 were just what I was looking for. The letter is from Chris. And as much as I value email for speed and an immediate response, I still love getting real letters in the mail.
Do you do what you like and follow your passion? And by doing what you like, does it bring you happiness and a sense of freedom? As Artists do we have the luxury of doing what we like and creating our own happiness? I think every Artist answers these questions just by creating.

new show at Henry St. Gallery

I entered 3 of my collages.

I entered 3 of my collages.

It will be a great show. If you’re in the Richmond VA. area you should check it out!

Henry St. Gallery opening soon! Richmond VA.

422 W. Broad St.

422 W. Broad St.

I entered the Ism show. They’re working on changing the building into a gallery today. I think it’s a good location only a block away from the corner on Broad St. where VCU is planning on building art’s new ivory tower, the Institute of Contemporary Art.
Check it out!

InLight Richmond a 1708 Gallery Exhibition

girl dancing with lighted hula hoop

girl dancing with lighted hula hoop

It’s fun going downtown to Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom on a Fri. night for an art event but GAWD! parking is a problem. It looked like 1000 people were on the canal walk. I had to drive around for 1/2 hour to find a parking spot. Imagine how many people would have been there if parking wasn’t such a hassle. The city has been talking about moving the baseball diamond to the bottom for years now. They need about 5 parking decks before they do that.

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