a painting by Helene Ruiz / acrylic

That was a real fun art opening last night at the Petersburg Area Art League

That was a real fun art opening last night at the Petersburg Area Art League

This is my favorite one of Helene’s paintings from her “Skulduggeries” series. Helene illustrates life’s hardships and the strange people you meet, with humor in her paintings.

The show I entered with her group, the Urban Individualists, was titled “Entangled”. It’s a collaborative effort between visual artists and poets. The authors wrote a poem for a painting, and a painter illustrated a poem. The paintings and poems are hung together. And Helene had a section of the gallery for her Skullduggery paintings. The show is GREAT!! in my humble opinion.  If you’re in the area and didn’t get there last night, you should go check it out.

This is my daughter, Sarah, and me standing in front of two of our entries. (my paintings and her poem and story)

This is my daughter, Sarah, and me standing in front of two of our entries. (my paintings and her poem and story)

We also enjoyed the poetry readings and the Latin music !


Finding My Way Through X…Y…Z!

Hugo Sound Poem

Hugo’s Sound Poem ATC

A call for art from The Carlisle Arts Learning Center in Carlisle Pennsylvania intrigued me. “XYZ” was the unconventional theme for an Artist Trading Card exhibit sponsored by the Gallery.

XYZ..XYZ… The letters rolled around my mind…What do those final three letters of the alphabet mean to me?

I admit, I have been struggling lately. Feeling uninspired,  I know my Muse hasn’t abandoned me, at least not completely, but we just don’t seem to be connecting. Projects started are in my studio, half completed, if they had the good fortune to even get that far.

And it saddens me. I miss the rush, the passionate excitement of new ideas, of experiments successful…and not quite so. I miss the joy of creating. But how can I get on track and open the lines of communication fully with my Muse?

Waiting for an appointment I pulled a small book on Dada from my handbag. The book fell open to a page with a photo of Hugo Ball dressed in costume and ready to recite a poem. A Sound Poem. My Muse reaching out? Synchronicity? It was perfect. I could feel the spark of excitement starting again.

Dadaism as an art movement was founded in Zürich Switzerland on February 5, 1916. Artists are poets rejected the conventional methods of Art and started something new. The Cabaret Voltaire hosted performance art and sound poetry. Hugo Ball wanted to return to “the most intimate alchemy of the word, and even to go beyond it in order to preserve for poetry its most sacred domain”.

XYZ…over and over…with a rhythm going to the source not only of the poem I could hear, but the uninspired place in my soul.

The substrate for the ATC is illustration board. I photocopied the photo of Hugo in his shaman’s hat and Cubist costume. Finding the letters X, Y, and Z seemed to just fall into place, gleaned from various magazines. I finished with metallic acrylic paint sponged on to the card. At the end of the exhibit the cards will be traded.

Although I’m still finding my way through, returning to Art History certainly has started opening up the lines of communication for me. How do you rekindle your relationship with your Muse?

Actor’s Memorial to Poe by Richard Henry Park

marble and bronze 1885

marble and bronze

My photo doesn’t do her justice. She’s just beautiful!
It was commissioned by Edwin Booth, president of the Actor’s Guild of New York. Edwin was the brother of John Wilkes Booth who killed Abraham Lincoln. It was originally at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I wish I was a better writer so I could tell you how great the Poe Museum is. Here’s a short list of things of interest there : history (too much to learn in one visit), poetry, literature, stories of love, sadness, mystery, scary, architecture, fine art, Unhappy Hour, music

Check it out!

Where Do Your Possibilities Dwell?


In my studio, above one of my favourite camel bags, is a wall quote: “Dwell In Possibilities” paraphrased from the poem written by Emily Dickinson.

When inspiration is sometimes lost,, I like to sit and let Emily’s poem envelop me, like a quilt of ideas and images. And before I know it, I too am dreaming in a house of my choosing where the roof is as limitless as the night sky.

For Emily, poetry as opposed to prose allowed her the power and freedom of self-expression she was seeking.  And without the magic of poetry, her Muse, would her visitors be able to open the doors and windows of their soul?

The substrate for the collage is a canvas panel. A photo of Emily, floral art paper, magazine paper, vintage advertisements, and handmade paper form the grid. Washi tape and acrylic paint pushed through  hand cut stencils finish the collage.

Each of us in the Arts has a unique vision and purpose. Whether we build our house of paper and ink, or of paint and canvas, or movement, or melody, or words…aren’t we extending an invitation to share in our endless passionate journey?

Where do your possibilities dwell?

Edgar Allan Poe / graphite

This is my study of the bust of Poe at the Poe Museum.

This is my study of the bust of Poe at the Poe Museum.

They have a call to artists for a show happening in May titled “Painting the Enchanted Garden”. It runs May 22 to July 18. I want to work on this a little more and enter it. Also I’d like to try to paint the garden.

When I was drawing this a lady working for the museum stopped to talk to me. I asked her if she knew if Poe had a broken nose because it doesn’t look straight on his bust. She didn’t know for sure but she told me he infuriated a lot of people. He was a harsh literary critic. She told me Poe accused Longfellow of plagiarism!

The Poe Museum is great! You should check it out!