a statue with a real presence at Agecroft Hall ooooOOOoooooOOOOoooooOOOoo

Do you ever get that feeling a statue is watching you?

Do you ever get that feeling a statue is watching you?

When I was working on that last painting, every time I turned around there’s this kid in ideal proportions right behind me! And he’s NEKKID! except for a seashell covering the naughty parts, and an animal hide over his shoulders. Sometimes, as I unloaded my art supplies around the base, I thought he might hit me with his flute! I know it’s only my imagination, but  others said the same thing about it.

One lady said she kept thinking it was a live person standing there, and I heard a little girl call it a weird statue! So, I just have to chalk it up to the mad skills of the artist who made it, because it’s only a sculpture made of lead. It won’t start walking around on Halloween, (or will it?)


Night Shadows by Edward Hopper

etching / 1921

etching / 1921

The VMFA has a show of etchings that are nocturnes. This is my favorite for the spooky look.

I heard nocturnes are difficult to do and I like them so I always wanted to try. I picture so many tints of black and gray, making a very dark drawing, but this etching has large areas of white. And you can tell it’s night.

The Book of the Dead @ Michael C. Carlos Museum

from the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

It’s papyrus in pieces. It’s magic spells written down to help the dead person in the afterlife. And they included it in the coffin along with the mummy and other charms. It’s also known as Going Forth By Day.